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We have switched our practice to all telehealth.
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Helping You Decide

Below are some guidelines for helping you decide on who is the right therapist for you.  No matter where you choose to receive therapy, we want you to feel empowered to ask questions and feel confident in your decision.  Remember that you have the right to get the information that will make you feel at ease.

The right therapist…

  1. Creates a safe, nurturing environment where you can feel accepted, comfortable and connected.
  2. Is capable of sustaining an open-minded, judgment-free setting in which you’ll be comfortable talking about your most private thoughts and feelings.
  3. Views the client/therapist relationship as a team effort, not one where the therapist is the expert on your life.
  4. Is emotionally healthy. If the therapist has not worked through his or her own issues, they are bound to end up showing up in your sessions.
  5. Is comfortable with any emotions that you may have and is able to encourage your expression of them, no matter how intense.
  6. Has clear boundaries. Disclosure of personal information by the therapist is fine, but only if it is beneficial to the client. You are not there to take care of the therapist’s feelings. The focus should always be on you, the client.
  7. Is empathic, affirming and an attentive listener.