Kulshan Counseling Group, PLLC

We have switched our practice to all telehealth.
Strengthening individuals, couples & families


We all have times in our lives when we need extra support in order to meet life’s challenges. Reaching out for help takes courage, but it can be the start of regaining peace of mind and control over your life.

COMPASSIONATE CARE.  We provide a caring, nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can find help for resolving personal, couple or family issues.

INDIVIDUALIZED CARE.  Our first priority is to understand the needs that bring you in search of a counselor and then create a treatment plan based on your unique situation.  We use a highly personalized, individual approach to help you make positive changes and achieve your life goals.

EXPERT CARE.  Our counselors are highly skilled and experienced in multiple disciplines of mental/behavioral health and personal growth, including issues affecting adolescents, adults, couples, families and organizations.


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Kulshan Counseling Group, PLLC
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